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Project in Oliveira de Azeméis

On March 10th we celebrated the Project’s first birthday in Oliveira de Azemeis. This TA initiative gets its roots from the first steps of St. Pedro Poveda in Guadix. Being aimed at disadvantaged children it involves in its activity a group of young professionals that give life to an educational project.

It is a small seed that will bear fruit through persistence. The children involved in the project are welcomed by a warming family environment that prompts them to study but also gives them space to grow through games and other activities.

The day was festive but since it is mid-term and the evaluation period draws nearer, it was filled by study support activities.
The children have learned to behave in order not to disturb the neighbours, they learned how to pay attention and listen to others and to give way for those who need it the most.
Not talking a lot but in an excellent atmosphere,
the children are enjoying it and the attendance rate is extremely high.

The volunteer group is very professional. Some of them are or were teachers and they give their best in patience, teaching ability and enjoyment of life.
The environment is simple but with high quality standards in attendance,
preparation and enjoyment of service.

Thank you to all that have supported this Project directly or indirectly.